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Please remember that Bridge on the Edge is a scent-free bridge club. We have several members who are severely allergic to scent. Thank you

News Archive

Double Dummy

Thanks to Joan FitzGerald for this link regarding Double Dummy.


21 Rules of Being a Good Bridge Partner

Larry Cohen's bridge article of 21 Rules of Being a Good Bridge Partner may be a timely way to show some love to all of our partners.


Financial Statements 2017

Members can now access the financial statements for December 2017 by logging into the Bookings/Find a Partner area.  Once a member has logged in, they can access the statements under the Financial Information tab at the top of the page.

M2M Partnersips for 2018
These pairs will begin their partnerships starting in February through to October.  We wish them success in their adventure.  Mentoring applications are now closed.  Many thanks to those who applied and mentors who volunteered.
Deidre Davis‎ and Shirley Ryan
Marilyn Bennett and Jacinta Wall
Tom Dale and Susan Follett
Joan FitzGerald and Shakti Chandra 
Anne Hughes‎ and Brenda Conway
Joan Ledrew‎ and June Hynes
Raye Lundrigan ‎and Regina Clarke 
Janet Parsons and Marilyn Walbourne 
Bruce Watson and Heidi Janes
Hand Analyses - January 23rd - Tuesday Afternoon

Click on the link below for the analyses (by US National Team captain Oren Kriegel) for the afternoon's ACBL-wide game.

Hand Analysis - January 23 2018.pdf

AC Hunter Library - January 24th

The BOTE Education Committee (Heidi, Janet and Roy) will present a bridge information session at the AC Hunter Library on Wednesday, January 24, 7-8:30 pm.  Club members are welcome to attend and to share their enthusiasm for the game.  Kindly register by calling 737-3950.


AC Hunter Library - January 24 2018.pdf

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

BOTE had their last game for 2017 on December 21st.  We'll have a week's break to spend time with family and friends and we look forward to seeing everyone back at the bridge table in January.  Don't forget to sign up for the lessons being offered early in the new year.  We are very fortunate to have members willing to help everyone improve their game.  Thanks once again for all our volunteers who do such a fabulous job throughout the year.  You are well appreciated!!!

Merry Christmas and warm wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!

Christmas Dinner - A Great Success!

The BOTE Christmas dinner on Dec.14th was a great success - delicious meal, lots of laughs, a visit from Santa, a game of bridge.  Click on the link to see some of the fun!


Cheers to Our New Chairs!

Cheers to our new chairs, and many thanks to Janet Hannaford for her management of this purchase.  Thanks also to Brian Collins, Roy Perry and all the club members who helped.  We hope to have many years of comfortable seating as a result of this investment.
Winter - Safety First
Safety first!!!  Our parking lot and sidewalks will be cleared and salted by an outside contractor, and they will pay special attention to our entrance area.

There will also be some extra salt left in our front door area in case of emergency.  Let's all be prepared for winter conditions.

walk safe this winter.pdf

Learning To Improve - by Larry Cohen

Many thanks to Janet Parsons for providing this article by Larry Cohen.  It gives "universal" information on learning how to get better at bridge.

Larry Cohen - Learning To Improve.pdf

Happy 92nd Birthday Eileen!

Eileen Wakeham recently celebrated her 92nd birthday.  She is a dedicated bridge player at BOTE and we were very pleased that she chose to play bridge with us on her very special day!  Happy Birthday, Eileen!

Thank You, Teachers!

Thank you to Deirdre Davis, Tom Dale, Marilyn Bennett, Randy Bennett, and Anne Hughes for offering lessons this fall.  Thanks also to Joy Hoskins and Janet Parsons for their assistance.  The lessons were a great success and we appreciate the dedication it takes to plan, organize, and teach the material.  Lessons were well attended by BOTE members and are essential to improving our Game and helping our club to grow.  We look forward to the continuation of lessons in the new year.

Thank You, Tuesday Mentors!

Since the inception of our club in September of 2016, we offered a Tuesday Newcomers' game with a mentor present to guide and assist the players.  After much discussion, it was decided that November 28th was the last game with a mentor.  Beginning next week, the Director will provide assistance needed by newer players on Tuesday games.      

We thank the following mentors who gave up their own game to guide newer players in theirs:  Alice Collins, Fran Cook, Deirdre Davis, Janet Hannaford, Joy Hoskins (coordinator), Anne Hughes, Gwenda Jablonski, Wanda Lundrigan, Mary Lou Martin, Judith McIntyre, Bev Moore, Pramila Paddock, Gloria Stone (coordinator), and Bruce Watson.

We value the time and effort our mentors contributed to the Newcomers' Section on Tuesday afternoons.  They are tremendous examples of the volunteer spirit of our club.

General Convention Chart

BOTE is a small club that has been growing surely & steadily,  thanks in the main part to the many volunteers, card dealers, mentors, teachers, directors, special committees & hard-working executive and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. One of our main focuses is to grow the Club by attracting new players & we can only accomplish this if their bridge experience is a positive one.

Therefore we try to restrict the use of the more aggressive systems that you see in Flight A Events (5000+points). For this reason, only bids and bidding systems which adhere to the ACBL General Convention Chart may be used at our club. Please make our game more pleasant for all. We are asking all players to be particularly diligent when they believe an illegal bid has been made, and to call the Director to the table.

See this link for the ACBL General Convention Chart.

Call for Teachers: Winter 2018

Call for Teachers: Winter 2018.

The BOTE Education Committee is eager to offer strong programming again this winter, so we hope to hear from you if you are available to teach bridge lessons commencing  January 2018.  Kindly let us know by November 5, 2017, so that we can construct the best program and schedule possible.

Email: education@bridgeontheedge.ca.

Any teacher hired by BOTE must have demonstrable subject matter knowledge, as evidenced by at least 400 MPs.  This is a quality assurance mechanism.

We will manage educational programming on a semester basis.  This will allow us to adapt and respond to changing member needs and teacher preferences.

We’ve decided that, with respect to teacher compensation, effective Monday, Sept. 18:

  • Teachers will earn 60% of the student registration fees for each of their workshops/40% goes to BOTE.

  • If there are fewer than five (5) students registered in a session, the teacher will keep the fees and BOTE will top up to ensure a total compensation of $50 per session.  That means if a teacher has only four students, s/he still gets $50.  By contrast, if there are ten students then the instructor gets 60% of the student registration fees, i.e. $60.  As such, the compensation is $50 or 60% of the student registration fees, whichever is greater. 

  • Instructional assistants will be organized, as required, by the instructors.  Any compensation they receive will be from the teacher's remuneration and at the teacher's discretion; BOTE will not be involved in this aspect.

National Capital Regional Tournament

Players from BOTE did very well at the National Capital Regional Bridge Tournament held in Ottawa, ON from October 3-9, 2017. 

The team pictured (L-R: Brian Collins, Raye Lundrigan, Pramila Paddock, Peter Rans) placed first overall in Bracketed Swiss Teams at the National Capital Regional tournament.


On Friday, October 6th (1:30 pm), the team pictured (L-R: Mike Buist, Fran Cook, Jonathan Cook, Steven Outerbridge) placed first overall in Bracketed Swiss Teams.


Congratulations to all!

Best Halloween Costume!

This year for Halloween we invited members to dress up for the Tuesday afternoon game, Oct. 31st.  Treats were available and the Board awarded a prize for the best costume.  The lucky winner was Maureen Howard.  Check out the link to see photos of the contestants.  Thanks to everyone who took photos of this fun afternoon.


Tuesday Newcomer Games - Mentoring

Mentoring Change -Tuesday Newcomer Games

The Education Committee and mentoring coordinator, Gloria Stone, are recommending the following change to Tuesday Newcomer Games. ‎ The change will commence on October 3rd and will be reassessed in late December.  
When the number of tables is three or greater, a mentor will be present to assist and guide at the tables.  Directors will be responsible for the Newcomer Game when tables are fewer than three.  Notwithstanding, a request may be made to the mentor on call to alleviate the director's responsibilities when competitive table numbers are too high to manage both sections of the room adequately. 
A decision to provide a mentor will be made on Monday at 6:00 pm the night before, based on booking numbers.
We recommend ‎newcomers book early to ensure a mentor.
Caption Contest Winner

As you may recall, in the latest newsletter, Shirley posted a caption contest for the picture on the right. Brian Shortall was asked to be the judge and he kindly agreed. He was given a list of the entries with no identifying information attached and from this list he chose the following winning entry:

Bridge Wear: A Weak Two Shoe

Congratulations and a free game go to author Heidi Janes. A big thank you also goes out to the others who submitted an entry. Brian tells me it was a very hard choice.

Mentoring (M2M) for 2017
This is the completion of the 3 session Mentoring, M2M for 2017.  The program gives those who signed up as mentees three games, to be arranged at mutually convenient times with the selected mentors, over the fall term.  The program's purpose is to GUIDE mentees' growth in all aspects of the game. It is aspirational in its core. Both mentor and mentee accept that each bears the responsibility to make the experience a success‎.  We appreciate the mentors' time and participation in this program. 

We have teamed the following pairs:

Donna Wadden with Gloria Stone                           

Carmel Rowe with Mary Lou Martin 

Marguerite Noonan with Marilyn Bennett                

Helen Sullivan with Judith McIntyre

Judy Crewe with Brian Collins

All these mentees are currently playing in the competitive section. 

The Education Committee would like to encourage all mentees to avail of the lessons at the club to ‎augment their one on one mentoring experience. 

Opening Lead Prior to Entering Contract on Score Sheet?

Bridge on the Edge is committed to the establishment and protection of a respectful culture both at the bridge table and in all BOTE communications.
In response to inquires about whether to make opening leads before entering the contract on one's score sheet:  BOTE has no policy on this procedure nor does the ACBL law book.  We encourage keeping the game moving along briskly by leading face down; however, neither declarer nor dummy should ever urge anyone to lead immediately or exhibit impatience if they choose to record the contract before leading.  If there is any problem in this regard, the Director can adjudicate quickly.  Unnecessarily slow play can be penalized.  Also, if any player feels uncomfortable about being badgered or lectured at the table, they should call the director.  Thank you for being polite and respectful in order to increase everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Thank You from Alzheimer Society

BOTE recently received a thank you letter for our contribution from our 2017 Alzheimer Fundraiser.  If members would like a receipt, they should contact the Alzheimer Society directly. 

A job well done!

Alzheimer Society - Thank You Letter.pdf

ACBL Guide for Directors on Zero Tolerance

If you're a Director or you'd like to see a Director's point of view on implementing Zero Tolerance policies, have a look at this ACBL handout.
ZT - Handout for Clubs.pdf

Clarification re Booking Dates

There has been some confusion regarding events not being on the ‘Bookings’ page.  The heading on this page is “Events with Reservations”.  Therefore, if no one had booked for a particular game or lesson, the event was not showing until someone had booked for it.  All events have always been available for booking once a member had logged into the Bookings page.  To lessen confusion, we hope, we have inserted “Placeholder BOTE (Open for Bookings)” for events where no one has yet booked.  These events will now all show up on the Bookings page although they don't have any real reservations yet.

Update re Alzheimer's Fundraiser

Here are the final results of the recent BOTE fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Society of Newfoundland.  Bravo on a job well done!

Alzheimer Fundraiser 2017.pdf

Congratulations everyone for working so well together as a team to make this fundraiser a success!  The money has gone to the Alzheimer Society of NL to support programs and services which are so necessary for individuals and their families dealing with this disease. 

A special thanks goes out to the BOTE Alzheimer Fundraising Committee who organized this very important fundraiser over a brief period of time:   Laura Flynn, Kevin Flynn, Brenda Conway, Maura Beam

Booking Changes

To avoid problems at game time which can result in late starts and sit outs, please confirm with your partner on game day and, if necessary, cancel on a timely basis. If you must make a last minute cancellation, please send an email to the Club Manager (manager@bridgeontheedge.ca) or notify someone who is attending the game to ensure that your change is known about. It also makes directors' jobs much easier if everyone books ahead and does so before 11 AM on the day of the game. Thank you all for your assistance in this.