Privacy Policy/Conditions

Bridgewebs web sites are available immediately that you sign up for a 3 month Trial. The Trial Expiration date will be set to the last day of the 3rd month of the trial, so the trial, in practise, can vary from 2½ to 3½ months. Please contact Bridgewebs if you wish to extend the trial for any reason.

At the end of the 3rd month, payment for the first year's subscription will be due based on the "Table of Charges" in the "Price" page. Bridgewebs will then allow a further month for payment to reach Bridgewebs.

During the trial period and first month thereafter, the Bridge Club web site will be fully operational with all features.

When you make payment for a Bridgewebs Web Site, the "Trial" status will be switched off within 24/48 hours, bearing in mind this is a manual process.

Payment is based on an Annual Subscription and renewal will be due in full 12 months from the commencement of the first Subscription and each year after. Usage will be reviewed at Renewal and it may be necessary to adjust the price up (or down), you will receive a reminder within a month of renewal..There are no set up charges.

"Refunds/Cancellation/Termination" - Bridgewebs web sites can be cancelled at any time. Prorata Refunds will be given where appropriate. Send an email to specifying when you want to Cancel the web site. Please bear in mind it might be necessary to keep the web site for a short period to access "Archives" with suitable words indicating why the web site is no longer being used.

Bridgewebs reserves the right to Suspend any web site for which payment has not been made within the appropriate time scale (1 month). Bridgewebs web sites will be removed after a further 3 months of non-payment.

Privacy Policy

 We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Bridgewebs needs certain personal data to enable it to provide its products and services to its Customers and end users. The personal data collected will generally include individual contact names, billing, postal address, telephone and e-mail addresses, also club member details. We do not share any of this club or member details contained within any Bridgewebs web site with any 3rd parties.


This site and all club sites using bridgewebs use Cookies to help improve the site experience.

In particular

  • When using the Members Only pages
  • When using the Web Administration

The cookies are used to remember that you have logged in and avoid having to enter a password for each page.

No personal information is remembered using cookies and the information recorded is not used for any tracking purposes nor given to any third party.

Offensive, Defamatory or Malicious Information

Bridgewebs reserves the right to remove any pages which it considers Offensive, Defamatory or Malicious. Further, Bridgewebs reserves the right to Suspend any web site continuing to display repeated entries of Offensive or Malicious information.