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Unit 132 Life Master and Non Life Master Achievements


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Wichita Regional Tournament:

Oct. 8 ‐ Oct. 13, 2019
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WBC Classes:

Basic Play of The Hand

Instructor: Wanda Lonnon (Life Master)

When: Wednesday Evenings: 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Dates: July 3, 10, 17, 24 (4 Weeks)

Where: Wichita Bridge Club (Parklane)

Class Materials: Aubrey Grant's: "Play of the Hand in the 21st Century".

Cost: $40 +$10 For Text (Bring Your Own Book If You Have It)


To Sign Up Contact: wandalonnon@gmail.com

or (316) 733-2552


The Mystery of Team Play

Instructor: David Kopper (Diamond Life Master)

When: Saturdays:10 AM to Noon

Dates:September 7, 21, & 28th

Where: Wichita Bridge Club (Parklane)

Cost: $40


To Sign Up Contact Charles Wiggins: 


Structure of Wichita Bridge
Structure of Wichita Bridge

The following might help new players better understand that structure, so let’s start at the top. While there are numerous governing bridge organizations around the world, we are members (167k strong) of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) which administers and rules duplicate bridge in Canada, Mexico and the U. S. through 25 districts and over 300 units. The ACBL started in 1937 and is located in Horn Lake, MS just south of Memphis. You can learn more than you want to know by accessing acbl.org. and reviewing “About ACBL” for items like the mission, board members as well as board minutes. One well used feature of the web site is the ability to locate clubs in North America where you can play bridge. You can also use the “Tournaments” feature to look for tournaments in which you might want to play. All tournaments are administered by districts, units and clubs except the 3 national tournaments (NABC) each year.

We are in District 15 (acbl15.org) which covers 8 units and numerous clubs in Kansas, Oklahoma, western Missouri, NW Arkansas and the panhandle of Texas. Access the web site and learn who the board members are, review board minutes and other information.

Our unit is the Kansas State Bridge Association, Unit 132 (wichitabridge.org) which covers Kansas except for eastern Kansas. District 15 administers sectional and regional tournaments as well as North American Pairs, Grand National Teams and STAC competitions but cedes control to units and clubs. Access the web site to review board members, by laws and minutes as well as more information.

Let’s look at Wichita. Wichita Duplicate Bridge Center hosts most (79%), but not all of the games in Wichita. In 2017 Wichita enjoyed 3284 tables of bridge. All Wichita games are managed by a sanction owner/director through the following clubs: Bridge Kastle, Double D, Jeanne's Open Bridge, Nil-2-Score, Orchard Park BC, Ron’s Duplicate Club, Merlin Games, Tee Totalers Bridge Club & WARGLO’s.