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August 27th, 2018 Minutes
Unit Board 216 Meeting August 27, 2018 at 3:30 pm

Present:  Bill Long, Barb Maas, Carolyn Miller, Rich Newell, Bonni Newton, Kate Reynolds, Penny Rittgers, Carolyn Sabroske, Bill Wallace, and Dee Wilson. Absent:  Margie Brennan and Gregg Walsh. 

President Carolyn Sabroske called the meeting to order.  Bill Long moved to accept the previous minutes and Kate seconded motion.  Approved.  Treasurer’s report was given and Kate moved to accept it and Dee seconded.  Approved.  The Unit Board is pleased with the money generated by hosting the NLM Regional.  There were 133 ½ tables with players coming from 8 states.  The Unit Board would like to see this a annual event IF gold points could be earned each year.  Bonni N will find out.      

Larry Brobst will direct the upcoming Cornbelt.  He will bring his own BridgePads because his now have a feature to summon director with the push of a button.

After receiving positive comments The Unit will hand out Save the Date cards for the 2019 Regional at various tournaments.  As plans begin the Unit needs to identify chairman and players to do partnerships.  Volunteers? 

Issue of cleaning Bridge Center was discussed.  Carolyn S will approach the Corporate Board wanting a more thorough job. 

Penny explained the installation of our two screens and the purchase of a projector with cart.  Rich Newell used it with his presentation at the NLM Regional and the system enhanced his presentation.  The Unit is focusing on advertising classes without using the expense of the Des Moines Register.  Nancy Wilson has over 30 players enrolled in her class.  Eric Hill has the bridge classes scheduled for the three middle schools for Fall.

Unit 216 will host Grand National Teams in May 2019.  Our Unit will not offer additional games on Friday.  The District may offer Swiss team games on Sunday for players knocked out and any additional teams that wish to sign up.

Election of Unit Board members will be held on October 19 with a pot luck beginning at 5:30.  Players whose last name begins with N-Z are responsible for bringing the side dishes.  The Unit will furnish the meat.  Bonni Newton is in charge. 

Next meeting Oct. 29.     Bill Long moved to adjourn.  Kate seconded.

Prepared by Barb Maas