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2019 Bridge Workshops

Improve your Bridge!   Workshops are held once a month on a Friday on the 2nd Floor between 1.30 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.
Bookings are recommended.  Upcoming dates for 2019 are:

Friday 14th June
Friday 19th July


Do you need a Partner?

Please contact our partnership coordinator, Sue Condos, at with your details and contact information.

New Members - 2019
Welcome to New Members:

Paula Huston            Marie Pernat
Margot McClusky       Paul Kigginbottom
Milton Dickens          Margot Moylan


IMPORTANT - Players please note . . .

BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for all sessions.  Click on the 'Bookings' button to the Left of screen - choose the Session, and enter the pair names.  Bookings for each session open at 1.15pm, one week prior to the next session (or two weeks in the case there is a public holiday in between).  If there are any queries or if a session is fully booked (30 pairs), Members should contact RACV Member Relations 03 9944 8876 or email to .

The partnership service is unchanged: please contact .

The Club Calendar is complete for 2019.  Members should check all scheduled sessions.

Beginners' Bridge Lessons are held on Wednesday afternoon 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 pm in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor.
Supervised Duplicate Lessons are held on Monday afternoon 1.30 p.m. - 4.30 pm in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor
Ben Kingham's Bridge Workshops are held monthly Friday afternoons 1.30 pm - 4.00pm in the Club Room on the 2nd Floor


Bookings are required for all Bridge Sessions and can be made via this site. 

Each session is limited to 60 players, and bookings for open at 1.15pm - 1 week prior to the scheduled session (or 2 week in the case where a Public Holiday is scheduled in between).

Booking Instructions:

Select Bookings section in Home Menu
1 - Select session you wish to attend

2 - Enter PLAYER names and RACV Membership Number. 

3  -Guests - enter name and GUEST in Membership Number Field


When the session is fully booked (60 players), you will recieve a message alerting you are on waitlist. 

We understand that plans can change and ask that you email and c.c to advise of all cancellations. Members are responsible for checking the booking list to see if their booking has been confirmed and moved off the waitlist. 
Should you need to cancel on the morning of the session, please call the Club President or Secretary as early as possible.

The partnership service is unchanged: please contact