Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Bridge on the Park & Burns Park Bridge

Play duplicate bridge with us.          Ann Arbor Senior Center:    1320 Baldwin Ave,    Ann Arbor      734-794-6250

Debra Eaves 248-935-0909                                                         Stacey Tessler 734-255-1269

Wednesdays: Open game at noon                                              Thursdays: Open game at noon

Open Barometer Game: 2nd Saturday/month 9:30am            0-199'er Game: 1 Saturday/month 9:30 am 

Beginning April   13th.                                                                Beginning April 20th.                                            


Important Information

0-199'er Game. Saturday, July 20th. No partner needed.

9 am lesson, 9:30 game begins. Come and enjoy the game!

Our club is participating in the REACH week where players can win gold at the club!  See the ACBL website for more information






New Game

Don't miss the next 0- 199'er game on Saturday, July 20. Lesson at 9am.

0-199'er game beginning  at 9:30 am.

The games will run monthly and more often if attendance warrants.


Director: Stacey Tessler
Director: Stacey Tessler
Director: Debra Eaves
Director: Debra Eaves
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Stacey Tessler
NAP Qualifier
Director: Debra Eaves
Barometer Game
Director: Debra Eaves