Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Bridge on the Park & Burns Park Bridge

Play duplicate bridge with us.          Ann Arbor Senior Center:    1320 Baldwin Ave,    Ann Arbor      734-794-6250

Debra Eaves 248-935-0909                                                         Stacey Tessler 734-255-1269

Wednesdays: Open game at noon                                              Thursdays: Open game at noon

Open Barometer Game: 2nd Saturday/month 9:30am            0-199'er Game: 1 Saturday/month 9:30 am 

Beginning April   13th.                                                                Beginning April 20th.                                            


Important Information

 Wednesday June 19th is another North American Pairs Qualifying game.  Lots of extra master points!

Wednesday June 26th is a STAC game.  Extra master points!

Thursday, June 27th is a STAC game. Extra master points!






New Game

Don't miss the next 0- 199'er game on Saturday, July 20. Lesson at 9am.

0-199'er game beginning  at 9:30 am.

The games will run monthly and more often if attendance warrants.


Director: Stacey Tessler
Director: Stacey Tessler
Director: Debra Eaves
Director: Debra Eaves
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Stacey Tessler
North American Pairs Qual
Director: Debra Eaves
Barometer Game
Director: Debra Eaves