North Okanagan Duplicate Bridge Club - Vernon, BC
Online Learning

Protocol for playing bridge so that the experience is enjoyable for your partner, your opponents and you.

Learn from a Grand Life Master who is an exceptional teacher and player.  The topics are finesses, overcalls, counting winners, defense and so much more.  Perfect for the beginning player.

Just Play Bridge, Learn to Play Bridge and Minibridge are three programs available to help you learn by practise.  Choose the one that is best for you.  Or play all three!

A website where you can play casual games with your friends or new friends.  Just book a table for four and you are all set.  ACBL tournament play is also available on this site but it is a pay site. 

There are introductory lessons and quizzes.  Archived topics on Declarer Play, Defense and more. The name "Fifth Chair" stands for the kibitzer - someone who is watching and learning.

Download a basic convention card for beginners.  Convention cards are part of the bridge experience. Reacquaint yourself with your partnership system before every game.  Remember the opposition has a right to know what you play.  There is full disclosure in duplicate bridge.

A list of conventions that are used by beginners and advancing players.  Read all about them here!