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Welcome to NKB - Ireland Contract Bridge

Dublin City My Home Town


Welcome to my Bridge site. My hope is to keep you all updated as to

Bridge Happenings all over. We also would like to share Bridge News

from around the World as we receive it. As we are into to my

term as President, we are planning to keep you updated on our

travels and experiences around the country, through the Year.

The Most Important part of the project is representing the members.

If you have any questions or Ideas, please submit through our email.

We will try answering all; if we haven’t got the answer, we will direct

your query to the right source.

Remember Bridge is a game for all. Bridge is a game for life.

To quote Bridge Player Bill Gates, (Microsoft Founder)

Anybody who is good at bridge is going to be great at a lot of things"

Presidents Diary Week 4

Week 4

Dublin Congress July 26/27/28

Looking forward to Meeting everyone

The Dublin Congress will be held in

St Michaels College Ailesbury Road Dublin 4

Novice Competition Friday Evening Opening Night

Lets get all our Novices playing Friday


Presidents Diary Week 2

Week 2

Ballina Congress July 12/13/14

Ballina Report Week 2 Presidents Diary

Played with Barbara Mixed Pairs & Congress Pairs

Congress Teams, Barbara and I Played with Roisin & Willie O’Gorman

All Very Enjoyable - Great Weekend Ballina Congress

To the Congress Committee:   Congratulations on a job well done.

As Usual a Great job from Mairead, Fearghal and Huey.

A great way to start my Presidential Year. Had a great time meeting

many Bridge Friends who we had not seen for a while.

For Full Congress Results go to

Next Congress we believe is Dublin.

Then a couple of weeks away from Bridge (Summer Holiday Time)

Will be back for “Sonya Britton Trophy” in Belfast (CBAI Vs NIBU)

Look out for More updates in the weeks to com

President Neil

PS Asked for some Idea's re website. Got a good one,  Was asked if possible to publish

a list of Charity Bridge Nights. The Answer is YES Just email us the Date ,

Time and Venue and the Charity, we wwill create a charity news

page with all the details. We just ask you one thing in return to email

amount raised (Big or Small) on your charity night so we can add it in to our National Total

Thanks to Pat Cosetello for this Idea

Presidents Diary

Week 1 AGM Westmanstown



Thank you all for your support

and good wishes at the CBAI AGM

At the Presidents Charity Bridge

we raised €2360 for Cancer Research

Thanks to all the members

who made it a success


Thanks to TD Bernard Higgins

Thanks to all for attending the CBAI AGM July 6th

With people coming for the Meeting, Food & Bridge

or any one of the above

Nearly 300 people came through the gates

Next Event Ballina Congress July 12th


Charity News Page

Bridge Charity Page

With this page we hope to list as many as possible Bridge Charity Events

Clubs, Regions, Districts or Other Bridge Functions

Charity's can be for a Local or National Charity

or a benifit Night for club Equipment, etc.

To make this work you need to send us an email with Date,

Time, Venue and organizations name (Club or Region) plus

the desinated charity

In return we ask you to email us amount raised in round figures

It does not matter how big or how small, we will add it to our to

Our national Total and publish the national totals.

Since July 6th 2019 we raised €2360 for Cancer research at the


Total to Date €2360

Have I Got News For You

Bridge Week 2019

By On · Add Comment

All of you should by now have heard that, as a result of the Promotion & Development Agenda promoted by outgoing President Peter O’Meara,

we are planning a week of activities and events across the country to (a) promote bridge, and (b) encourage new players to take up the game.

These events are being organised and staffed within the regions, and Seamus Costello is co-ordinating everything to make sure you all have the

support that you need to make your local events as successful as possible. So if you have any bright ideas to promote the game we love, or if you

would like to get involved in the activities being planned for your area, please contact your Regional Secretary. The period designated as

“Bridge Week” is from 17 to 25 August, which is when we are planning to make as much media impact as possible, but regions can of course

hold their local events on other dates if that makes more sense – for instance to coincide with local festivals.

We have a variety of marketing supports available, incorporating a bright new design. Some samples are pictured below, including a

bannerstand (for pull-up displays), a Why Play Bridge flyer (that can be personalised – the version below was prepared for the

Wexford/Waterford area), and playing cards for use as gifts. We will also have pens, t-shirts, and special sign-up forms for classes. We are

planning that this year’s newsletter will be available for Bridge Week. So we need details of the classes being held in your area as soon as

possible if they are to be included in the newsletter.

If you need access to any of these materials to assist you in your promotional activities, please contact Seamus Costello. A well-known bridge

writer commented recently that “ideas need hands and feet” if they are to be successful. The key influence on our success will be the level of

effort put in on the ground locally to organise appealing, well-located, and appropriately-staffed events that will succeed in convincing non-bridge

players that ours is a game worth trying. If we can get them that far, and make sure to put them in contact with inspiring and passionate teachers,

we know we will be able to swell our playing ranks and keep bridge thriving all over Ireland.

Have I Got News For You

We all have or had a player like J.C.

Next we will see him in the Natioal Finals

Jeremy Clarkson: Ties? Rubbers? Five equals 11?

Source: The Times

As a general rule, I’m a big fan of card games. I spent a great deal of my formative years

playing blackjack because, even if you’re gambling only tiny amounts, casinos give you

free drinks. And since then I’ve whiled away many happy hours playing Between the

Sheets, Queen of Spades and, best of all, Oh Hell. It’s hard to understand how

playing cards came about. Who thought: “Right — we have invented a printing press,

so let’s use it to make 52 bits of paper divided into four suits”? And then, once someone

had worked out how they could be used to play a game, why did someone else develop

another? And then another? And then another? No one did that with chess. They came

up with the board and the bishops and the prawns and they left it at that. Today no

one ever says: “What sort of chess are we playing?”   With cards, though, people did

keep inventing new ways of using them until one day a soldier in the Crimean War

decided that, to take his mind off the disease and how ilfred had just been blown up

again, he’d invent the most complicated game of them all: contract bridge.

I’ve avoided this in the past, mainly because I had better things to do and I’m not 87.

But last week it was time to step into God’s waiting room and take it up. When you

play blackjack you are usually surrounded by serious-looking Arabs and chain-smoking

Chinese men in a room with no windows, and when you play everything else you are at

someone’s kitchen table surrounded by several empty wine bottles, some overflowing

ashtrays and a bit of sick.Bridge is different. It’s serious. So we’d be playing it in one

of those clubs in St James’s where everyone is dead and you have to wear a tie. I used

to have a tie. I wore it for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. But it had gone missing, so I

bought another and then — this is true — I had to go on YouTube to remind myself

how it should be done up. That’s another thing I don’t get. Who woke up one

morning and thought: “This ruff is annoying me, so instead I shall wrap a bit of silk

round my neck”? I’d like to meet him so that I can kill him. Anyway, my tie was

eventually sort of tied and I had found a jacket that was nearly the same colour as my

trousers and off I went. The cards were dealt and our teacher explained that I must let

my partner know where my strengths lay. “Right,” I said enthusiastically. “I’ve got a

shitload of clubs.” Apparently this was wrong. You aren’t allowed to say what you’ve

got. You must hint at it by saying you’d like the trumps to be clubs and that you’ve got

enough to win one trick. Well, I had the ace, king, queen, jack and 10 so obviously I

was going to win way more than one trick. I therefore opened with “five clubs”.

Apparently this was also wrong. But it did stop anyone else bidding  and that meant

the game could get under way. My partner began by excusing herself from the game

entirely, which was weird. She simply put her cards on the table, face up,

and said: "Good luck.” “Whatever,” I replied. Yup. That was wrong too. I was

supposed to have said: “Thank you, partner.” Which was weird, because why should

I thank her for simply giving up? No matter. I had all the heavy-hitting trumps and

I needed to win only five tricks. Nope. Wrong again. Bidding five meant that for

some reason I had to win 11 tricks. I have no idea why, but I failed completely.

And lost. Or did I? Because at the end of each hand you add up the number of light

fittings in the room, subtract the number of teeth in your head, put that number

above the line and the number of children you have below the line and then after

five rounds there’s a rubber and the winner is theplayer nearest the mantelpiece.

ho the bloody hell thought that made sense? It’s as stupid as cricket. You get one

run if you do one run, four if you send the ball all the way over there, six if it gets

there without bouncing . . . and if it rains it’s a draw. Mind you, it could be worse.

The Germans have developed a version of bridge called skat. In that, you have to

work out which one of the other two players will be your partner. Imagine that.

Playing a team game when you don’t know who your team will be. Perhaps that’s

what’s gone wrong with their national football squad. But, whatever, it won’t

catch on here, as no one is going to say yes if you invite them round for

an evening of skat. There’s another problem with bridge, which became clear

as my inaugural evening wore on. Because we were in a beautiful club in

St James’s where all the other customers were dead, the waiters had nothing to

do but constantly fill up my wine glass with a beautiful red. And since bridge

requires you to not participate if your partner made the opening bid of the

successful suit and is wearing white underwear, there’s very little to do half the

time but drink it. Soon I was a bit sozzled and I was arguing with the teacher,

who kept saying that to win I needed to lose. In the same way as John Prescott

used to say that the slower you drive, the faster you get there. He didn’t make

any sense. It didn’t make any sense. And what were trumps again? You can’t

do this if you want to win. You must concentrate as though you are flying an

airliner and all four engines have stalled. If you daydream for even a moment,

you’ve had it. Which is why I wouldn’t use MPs and civil servants to negotiate

our tricky exit from the EU.

I’d use our national bridge team instead.


Reprinted from csbnews Bridge site

Site is worth a visit

Presidents Diary Week 6

Week 6

Sonya Britton Trophy August 10/11

Neil Burke


26th July 2019
Dublin Congress
10th August 2019
Sonya Britton Trophy Belfast
11th August 2019
Sonya Britton Trophy Belfast
30th August 2019
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Duais an Uachtarain 2019
Presidents Prize
22nd September 2019
Duais an Uachtarain 2019
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