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MGSC Membership

A  very good deal:

4 free Club Nights that are Club Championship games

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The deeply discounted end of year party

Card fees of only $6, with no upcharges for the numerous extra masterpoint games

Welcome to Minneapolis Grand Slam Club
Web Site

The Board of the Minneapolis Grand Slam Club welcomes you to our new website.  The Club, in its 81st year,  has a weekly Friday night game in a tournament atmosphere.  Club members are able to take advantage of many enhanced masterpoint games with no surcharges added.  We seek to maximize the number of pairs you play against and the number of comparisons per board with web and Howell movements.  

Each week one of our members brings treats.  The club provides coffee at no charge.  Members receive a weekly bulletin via email following the game with weekly results and commentary on key hands.

Most of our games are held at the Edina Senior Center (see directions). When a game is played elsewhere, it will be noted on the schedule.

Partners are guaranteed for pair games if you arrive before 7pm.  See the Player Pool tab on the home page.  Game time is 7:15pm

2018-19 Round Robin/Knock Out Conditions of Contest:  Registration has closed with a final tally of 7 teams.  Complete the round robin phase during the fall session before THE END OF THE YEAR.  Scheduling is to be worked out by the teams.  

The Carleton squad will not be in the area in December.  Their matches must be played before the end of November.  If necessary, they can be scheduled when the students return after their winter break. 

The KO semifinal and final between the top four RR teams will take place whenever teams can play them, but the event needs to be completed before the end of the MGSC season.

Teams pay $120 to register.  Barry Purrington to receive payment.

Questions:  Mike Cassel 651-336-8956

♠  Click here to register your team.  ♣ 

♠ Standings (opens in new tab)

 Matchups/Round Results (opens in new tab)  Matches can be scheduled at any time not necessarily during the week of the RR schedule.

  Click here  for the MGSC RRKO 2017-18 Provisional Conditions of Contest 

♣ Click here for the 28-board continuous 20VP scale in use for the Round Robin.

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Grass Roots Fund Game

Last game of the year before the EOY party

Running Late?

Give our DIC, Tony Ames, a call:  952-200-3871

Friday Evening Pairs
Director: Tony Ames
Friday Evening Pairs
Director: Tony Ames
Club Championship
Director: Scott Smith