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  8 is Enough Swiss Teams

Eight is Enough is a Swiss Teams format which evens the strength of the teams and gives everyone a fair chance to win.  This format has been very successful at clubs around the country.

In Eight is Enough each player is assigned a point value based on that player's total masterpoints.  Each team consists of four players whose total point value is 8 or less thusfore leveling the playing field.

These are subject to change as necessary to maintain competitive teams and just used here as an example.  Last updated Dec. 20, 2015.

  • Players with 0      -    99 masterpoints:   value = 1
  • Players with 100  -  499 masterpoints:   value = 2
  • Players with 500  +        masterpoints:   value = 3

There are no restrictions to partnership combinations among team members.

A team can have a value of 8 or less points.

  ADT or Apprentice Director Training

ADT or Apprentice Director Training:  Learn the laws of duplicate bridge.  A great way to better understand the game, achieve higher results at games and tournaments, and... one day, take the Club Directors Test although totally optional!

  CCC or Charity Club Championship

CCC or Charity Club Championship:  A portion of the game fee is donated to charity and the master points are awarded at higher than normal level (Club Championship Level.)

  CCR Club Championship Rated

CCR Game is rated at the Club Championship Level

  GNTQ or GNT Qualifier

GNT Qualifier is a Swiss Team event:  Those that place will qualify to play in the Grand National Teams games.

Flight A (0-6000) and Flight C (NLM up to 500) finals will be held in Greenville, SC May 21-22, 2016  
Championship and Flight B (0 - 2500) finals will be held in Morganton, NC April 30 - May 1, 2016
  GRF or Grass Roots FUNd Game

GRF or Grass Roots FUNd Game:  A portion of the game fee from these games are returned to the Districts to fund their NAP and GNT participants.  Masterpoints are earned at 70% sectional rating.

  ICC or Inter Club Championship

ICC or Inter Club Championship - we play the same boards as other clubs around the country and the game is scored as one giant game resulting in the possibility of Grand Slam players earning big points.  Points in these games are usually pigmented black.

  IFG or International Fund Game

IFG or International Fund Game: These games raise funds to defray the expense of North American participation in international competition.


  • 50/50 red and black at 100 % sectional rating
  • Overall Awards: 1st, 20; depth of awards, 10 places
  • District Winners: 1st, 10; depth of awards, 5 places
  • The game must have at least five full tables and include at least 21 boards.
  • Winners recognized on ACBL website and in the Bridge Bulletin
  JAG or Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Game

JAG or Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Game:  Games in memory of Jane Johnson (1933-2000) former manager of ACBL Club Membership Department.  Click here for Jane Johnson's bio


  • Awards for Club Appreciation Pair games are 100% sectional-rated black
  • Awards for Club Appreciation Team games are 5% gold to a maximum of 0.25 per player
  • The remaining points are sectional-rated black
  • A minimum of three tables is required (pair games)
  • A minimum of three teams is required (team games)
  IMP or International Match Point

IMP International Match Point (IMP) scoring, every individual score is subtracted from another score, and the difference (or "swing") is converted to IMPs, using the standard IMP table. The purpose of the IMP table, which has sublinear dependency on differences, is to reduce results occurring from large swings.

  JFG or Junior Fund

JFG or Junior Fund: Players earn extra masterpoints and a portion of the game fee is donated to the ACBL Junior program (for youth up to age 26.)

  LBIAD or Learn Bridge In A Day

LBIAD or Learn Bridge In A Day:  A great way to learn how to play bridge.  No card playing experience necessary.  Class usually runs around 5 hours and includes a meal and snack breaks.  By the time the class is done, you will understand the basics of playing bridge.  After you complete LBIAD you will be ready to join us at any Grand Slam game and have fun!

  MP or Match Point

MP The most common form of pairs scoring is by matchpoints. On each board, a partnership scores two matchpoints for each other partnership that scored fewer points with the same cards, and one point for each other partnership that scored the same number of points. Thus, every board is weighted equally, with the best result earning 100 percent of the matchpoints available, and the worst earning no matchpoints; the opponents receive the complement score, e.g. an 80% score for a N-S pair implies a 20% score for their E-W opponents. Colloquially, a maximum matchpoints score on a board is known as a "top", and a zero score is a "bottom". The terms "high board" and "low board" are also used.

  NABC or North American Bridge Championships

NABC or North American Bridge Championships: These games raise funds to support the summer nationals.

Our first NABC will be held in October 2015.  Master point info and additional info will be updated soon.

  NAP or North American Pairs

NAP or North American Pairs: These games raise funds to defray the expense of North American participation in international competition.

Masterpoints:  50/50 red and black at 100% Section Ratings

Winners qualify for North American Pairs for unit play.

The NAP event has been a major ACBL pair championship since 1979 and was originally known as the Grand National Pairs. This grassroots event is staged in qualifying rounds at the club, unit and district levels. It culminates in a final held in conjunction with a Spring NABC, in New Orleans, LA. The contest is run as a flighted event: Flight A (Open), Flight B (fewer than 2500 masterpoints as of the June masterpoint cycle) and Flight C (Non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints as of June).

We are only allowed to play Flight A&B or B&C at one time.  In most cases we run a B&C game.  If we happen to have an unusually high number of tables, we may possibly run an A&B as one section and C as a separate section, all during the same game.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our website does not actually show the correct flight or strat, it assumes all games with two section are A&B.  In most cases it would have been B&C but the site shows A&B.  Please keep this in mind.  Also, if you quality to play in Unit Level NAP, the following game we will present you with a paper slip showing which flight you are qualified and this is your receipt of qualification that you should take with you to the unit NAP if you decide to play at the unit level.

  OP or Open Pairs

OP or Open Pairs:  Any two players can compete as partners—no restrictions of any kind.

  QC or Quick Convention

QC or Quick Convention or Quality Session:  A short lesson followed by practice play.

  SPC or Shuffle Play Chat

SPC or Shuffle, Play & Chat:  An informal combination of open lesson and play.  Shuffle the cards, chat about bidding and play of the hand.  Have a great time, ask lots of questions!

  STaC or Sectional Tournament at Club

STaC or Sectional Tournament at Club:  Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs) provide bridge players with the opportunity to win Silver Points at their local clubs. All of the ACBL’s rules, regulations, and procedures for running a Sectional tournament apply to the organization and management of a STaC

  TGIFF or Thank God It's Friday Free

TGIFF If you do not earn Master Points in the game, the following Friday game is free.  Free game is only valid the following Friday game.  Coupon is given out at the end of the game.  You must remain and pick up the coupon valid for the following Friday game.

  UC or Unit Championship

UC or Unit Championship:  The unit has several different options when creating a UC.  For 2015 so far, UCs are played just like every other game at a club although you earn extra master points.  If the UC operates in a different way, it will be noted on the calendar.

  WWBC or World Wide Bridge Contest

WWBC or World Wide Bridge Contest:  

Masterpoints: 50/50 red and black at sectional rating​

The game must have at least five full tables and include at least 21 boards.

Winners recognized on website and in the Bridge Bulletin

The top ACBL winners will be recognized on web site and the Bridge Bulletin. It’s the event played around the world!  Each participant receives a souvenir booklet containing Eric Kokish’s excellent commentary. The WBF will award prizes based on world matchpointing. The two top district winners by percentage receive bonus awards. Additional recognition comes from the WBF.

To learn more at the Worldwide Bridge Contest website Click here.