All games are open pairs and the top 50% of the field in each of three strata will qualify to play in the District finals to win a subsidized trip to the 2020 Spring NABC.  Considerably higher masterpoint awards.  May play with different partners.   

JULY:  W 7/17, F 7/19e, M 7/22, F 7/26, T 7/30

AUGUST:  Th 8/1, F 8/2, M 8/5, T 8/6, Sat 8/10, Mon 8/12e, W 8/14, T 8/20, Th 8/22, M 8/26, W 8/28, F 8/30e, Sat 8/31

4 FREE Newcomer's Lectures; 4 DAYS PER WEEK (Tues, Wed, Thur, & Sat) with Limited Games Following!

Address: 26776 W. 12 Mile, Southfield

(about 1/4 mile west of Northwestern)

Phone: 248-356-6254


The Longest Day games were a big hit with our players.  We had a total of 58.5 tables in play vs. 49.5 last year.  Donations are still coming in and will be accepted until July 25th so it will be a while before we know our total donation to the Alzhimer's Association.  Allan Tushman has posted a slew of pictures from our TLD games on our Facebook page: The Michigan Bridge Connection .

TUESDAYS:   9AM (0-199 MPs)
WEDNESDAYS: 11:00 AM (0-199 MPs) and 6:30 PM (0-199 MPs)
THURSDAYS:  11:00 AM (0-199 MPs)
SATURDAYS: 10:00 AM (0-50 MPs)
FREE Lesson 1/2 hour before the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Games!
No Partner Necessary:  we'll find you a partner!
Bridgemate Wireless Scoring System
Bridgemate Wireless Scoring System

The Dealing machine is integrated with The Bridgemate Wireless Scoring System!

Hand records are given to players after every game!

Each section plays the same boards.  Compare your results to the experts who play the same hands!


We regret to announce the passing of Ken VanCleve on Tuesday July 9, 2019.  Ken was the director-in-charge for virtually all of District 12's sectionals and regionals for many years. Viewing is Sunday July 14 4-7pm at Life Story Funeral Home in Traverse City.  Funeral services are Monday July 15 at 11am with a luncheon following at the Lifehouse Church of God.


18th July 2019
10:30 a.m.
18th July 2019
0-750 Limited
11:00 a.m.
Director: Owen Lien
18th July 2019
Open Pairs
11:55 a.m.
Director: Ron Horwitz
Thursday Morning Pairs
Director: Owen Lien
Open Pairs - NAP Qual.
Director: Bob Ondo
Wednesday Evening Pairs
Director: Grant Petersen