Chelmsford Bridge Club
Release 2.19n

We have two sister clubs where you can enjoy a relaxed and friendly bridge session

Great Baddow Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon and supervised bridge on Wednesday afternoon. 1.15pm for 1.30pm start. There is a host on both days so you do not need a partner

Falcon Bowls Club 10am Monday. Experienced players are welcomed to play with newer bridge players.   


Together with Alpha and Lingwood Bridge Clubs, we have been working on ways to promote bridge in the Chelmsford area. One of the first initiatives is to introduce a shared "find a partner" service.So Members if you request a Partner unless you ask otherwise, your request & contact details will be passed to the other clubs to forward onto their members. Full data protection requirements will be observed.

Fyi. Alpha meet on Friday at Newland Springs and Lingwood on Tuesday at Danbury Sports and Social Club. Both clubs are EBU affiliated.

Cups & Competitions (Rules of)
Cups & Competition Rules


Jones Cup

Is our premier Pairs competition. Played over 15 evenings with 10 as the qualifying number. It is a Members only competition and scored as MP’s with ALL matches to count. 

The winning Pair receive Jones Cup

The Runners-up receive wine

The Pair who score the highest percentage in one evening will receive the Sally Wass Cup

The best overall score by an individual who played with more than one partner receive wine



Pike-Douglas Cup

An Individual event, based on the total number of local Master points awarded by the club and gained over a 12 month period running 1st  April to 31st March.

The winning individual receives Cup



Red Cross Cup (Spring Teams )

Is a three session IMPs scoring Teams event . Teams can be up to six players but they must play at least 2 out of three evenings. Scoring is by Place Points and if that is tied, by IMPs total. Place points are awarded as 4,3,2,1 if more than 6 teams play. Otherwise 3,2,1.

The winning Team receive Cup



Mixed Pairs 

Is a  one session Pairs event. Scored on MP's.

Winning Pair receive ??


Ken Teller Trophy 

Is a one session Pairs event played as a charity evening  (with a minimum of £1.00 per player going to the British Heart Foundation).

The winning Pair receive Trophy



Springfield Trophy (Summer Handicap)

Is a minimum of nine sessions Pairs event (although may be 10 some years), with the qualifying number of sessions being 6.  The handicap assigned to each player is based on the results over the Jones Cup immediately pre-dating the start of the competition. If the scorer feels that there were not enough Jones Cup results, he/she will allocate an appropriate handicap.

The winning Pair receive Trophy and the Runners Up wine



Rice-Golding Cup (Butler Pairs )

Is an IMP's scoring pairs event, played over three evenings with two sessions being the qualifying number. Scored on Total IMPs over the evenings.

The winning Pair receive Cup


David Wing Cup (The Chelmsford City Swiss Pairs)

Is a single night event, Open to all, with a charity theme. scored on MP's. .

The winning Pair receive Cup and the Runners-up receive ??

Other prizes to be decided annually



Hartley Plate (Best 4 of 7 ) 

Is a seven sessions Pairs event, minimum number of session to qualify is four. scored on MP’s

The winning Pair receive Plate



Peter Castle Cup (Autumn Teams)  

Is a three evening Teams event. Teams can comprise up to six people but must they play at least two out of three evenings. Scoring is by Place Points and if that is tied, by IMPs total. Place points are awarded as 4,3,2,1 if more than 6 teams play. Otherwise 3,2,1

The winning Team receive Cup




Galletti Cup-Switch Teams (NO LONGER PLAYED).  was a single Imp's scoring Pairs event. Players must play with all the other members of their team. The winning Pair received Cup