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For suggestions and improvements,

Use the "Tell Us What You Think!" bar above.

Or see President,  Dianne Wammack,

or our club manager,  Robert Whiting

or our webmaster,  Clay Hall.

Amazon Smile

When you shop Father's Day or Graduation Day gifts at 0833746, AmazonSmile donates to Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club.

Leave the perfumes at home, Please!!!

Please remember that many of our players are “scensitive” to strong fragrances. BDBC is officially a “No Fragrance” facility, so resolve to abstain from wearing fragrance when you play bridge. Thank you.

Welcome to Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club
Notable events this week include:

Our Magic City Sectional tournament begins on Thursday. All morning sessions begin at 9:30,

including separate 0-50 masterpoint games. Afternoon sessions start at 2:00 on Thursday and

Friday, and 2:30 on Saturday. Complimentary light lunches will be served on Thursday, Friday

and Sunday. Contact Chairperson Crispin Cantrell

or Partnership Chair Mardella Trowbridge for your tournament

questions or concerns. And thanks to Carolyn Carter for the patriotic room decorations

Where do I Park at Tournament????

Parking at our tournaments is often a headache, so we advise everyone to plan ahead, come early, share rides, observe handicapped parking,

and be considerate of your fellow players. A few reminders: Besides the normal parking advice for the congested Monday games, the following

places are useful for carpooling players: Merrell Law Firm has given us permission to use their side parking lot for our tournament and

Monday games if people are willing to carpool from there to the club. The location is better for people coming 65 S to Valleydale. The office

faces Valleydale but the turn is off Riverchase Parkway. There is a light there that would help with access. Riverchase Church of Christ allows

us to park in their lot during tournaments. It is .7 miles from the club on the Southbound side of Hwy 31. Perhaps you can arrange with friends

to gather there, park, and then one of the group carpool the others to the club. Summary Reminders:

*We can park along the street on the BDBC side of the road, as long as we are not blocking entrances to the other businesses

*We are allowed to park in the spaces behind Chappell CPA, or the spaces on the side of their building

*We have a few spots at Vision Security against the street only

*We are NOT allowed to park at Diversified, or in the old Montessori lot at the top of the hill

* We can park at the Hoover Public Service Center on Valleydale and then walk a short block to the club

* We can park at the Merrill Law Firm and/ or the Riverchase Church of Christ and then ride-share to the club

Plans for the next Birmingham Regional have begun!!

Oh, Oh, Oh, it’s Magic! Please Help Us Advertise Our 2020 Regional

Believe it or not, we are already making plans for the Magic City Regional during

the week of March 2-8, 2020, and you can help us spread the word. When you

go to a tournament, wear a button advertising our event, and take business cards

to give to people that you meet from other clubs. The cards and buttons are

located on the shelf that holds the pencil sharpener and timer. We have plenty of

cards to distribute and about 50 buttons for tournament-goers. In addition, let co-

chairs Martha Chitwood or Beth Stewart know if you are heading to a tournament

that will allow us to hang our banner. We’d love for you to take it.

Thanks for your help. It’s going to be a magical event!

Martha and Beth

999er Pairs
Director: Dennis Luft
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Director: Mike DeVivo
Beginner Game
Director: Mike DeVivo
Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Ann Richmond
Please arrive early!

Please arrive 15 minutes before game time to allow our directors enough time to effectively plan the layout so that we may begin playing at the scheduled hour. (If we begin on time, then we can finish in a timely manner.) Thank you!

ICE Machine

Our ice machine is a delicate instrument for our pleasure. However we need to treat it properly. Please do not ever pour drinks, coffee or anything other than water and ice down the drain there! A new machine will cost us all $4000.


We need YOU as a host at your favorite game.  All games are in need of hosts, and the respective directors would appreciate having you on the host schedule.  Check with the directors of the games in which you are interested in hosting, and let them know you want to volunteer.  (Game hosts need to arrive a little earlier and be prepared to play with a person they have not met or played with before. Hosts are allowed a free play, and in the event a host is not needed that day the free game may be applied later.)