The entire month of April is Charity Month

All sanctioned club sessions may be held as Charity Games during April. Charity Games cannot be held during the months of January, May and September. Games support the ACBL Charity Foundation and Canadian Bridge Federation Charitable Fund or may support local charities



Charity Month the entire month of April


Win in Wichita Flighted Sectional 
Thursday, May 2 - Sunday, May 5, 2019 
Red Roof Inn & Conference Center with the Sunday Swiss being held at the Bridge Center.

Upcoming Training Events

Play of the Hand - Instructor, Romy Gerould, Gold Life Master, 10am to Noon on Monday May 6,13, and 20th, Cost is $40

Defense - Instructor, David Kopper, Diamond Life Master, 10am to Noon on Friday, June 7, 21. and 28th, Cost is $40

The Mystery of Team Play, David Kopper, Diamond Life Master, 10am to Noon on Saturdays, September 7, 21, and 28th, Cost is $40

ALL CLASSES  REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 6 and A MAXIMUM OF 12 - To sign up contact Charles Wiggins, wichitaduplicatebridge@gmail.com, 258-7162

Introduction to Bridge is being taught by Mary Beck at Wichita State University 

Wanda Lonnon and Margaret Crawford will be offering a basic 30 minute class before their Tuesday game.  February - Pre-emptive bidding and Responses.  March - Overcalls & responses and Take-out doubles and responses.

Merlin Suderman (msuderman@gmail.com) offers on-line training.


Welcome to Wichita Bridge
April Events

April Events

Date Time Event
April All Games Charity Month All Games Can Be Charity Games
April-10 12:30 Unit Championship Game
April - 15 All Games Unit Championship Game
April-21 All Games EASTER - No Game
April-24 6:15 WSU Special Game - less than 20 MP
April-28 1:30 Charity Game

Lifetime Achievements

JANUARY 2019 Lifetime Achievements

New Life Master - Margaret Crawford

New Ruby Life Master - Bob Ellison

MARCH 2019 Lifetime Achievements

New Bronze Life Master - Teresa Scoles




Monday Charity Pairs
Director: Ronald Traudt
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: Marilyn Heffron
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Phares
Apr 22, 2019
Monday Afternoon Pairs
WDBC 12:30 PM
Director: Ron Traudt
Apr 23, 2019
OP - Open
Orchard Park
12:00 P.M.
Director: Ron Traudt
Apr 23, 2019
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
12:30 P. M.
Director: Wanda Lonnon