Unit 216 & Des Moines Area Bridge
More Commonly Used Conventions

Instructor: Bonni Newton

Time Wed. Mornings- 10 to 11:30.  9 weeks

Starting September 13 ending Nov 8

Cost- Book $15
Classes $45/ $5 per class

Target: ALL Wednesday Players plus Adv. Beginners/Intermediate

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The class will cover doubles: Negative, Take-Out, Cooperative, and Penalty Doubles; Overcalls over Suits and NoTrump; Two Suited Overcalls; Blackwood & Gerber; Cuebidding Controls; Leads and Signals. 

We might spend more than 1 week on each topic.Check White board for schedule of topics. We will not rush from topic to topic.This is a good book for reference. the class will also be supplemented with other sources.

Please sign up by September 6 so i can have books by 1st class.

Bonni Newton  515 778 0899 or bjnbridge@live.com. Please text or email