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Feel the urge to play more bridge?
Feel the urge to play more bridge?

You can find more bridge games in Perrysburg, BG, Fostoria and Findlay!!

Perrysburg: Every Tuesday at the Senior Center, 140 W. Indiana Ave.  Game starts at 7:00 p.m.  Beginning on July 16th, Perrysburg will add a once-a-month limited game (199 and under) that will run in conjunction with the regular game.
Bowling Green:  Games are held at the Senior Center, 305 N. Main St. on the first and third Sunday.  Games begin at 1:30 p.m.  
Fostoria:  There is a game every Wednesday afternoon.  Games are held at the Luther Center, 131 West Center Street.  The games begin at 12:30.  There is also a Monday evening game at 7:00, same location.
Findlay:  Friday game at the YMCA, 300 E. Lincoln, the game begins at 1 p.m.  Director Bob Smith, 419-434-0209.
Board Members

President: Mona Kaelber, Vice President: Lavisa Gehring, Secretary: Sue Bowers, Treasurer: Lynn Chinella , Members at Large: Ben Beasley, Jimmie Edwards, Bill Dywer, Tom Weeks, Bill Dywer and  Frank Treiber.

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Opening lead - 2 of spades.

How would you proceed?    

(N/S playing Precision)

    North might have bid 2♣ over south's 1NT (18-19).  If south ducks a spade, wins the second spade with the ace and trumps a spade in dummy, he can lead a club to the queen and duck a club.  This line of play will lead to +110.

     In NT, south held up the spade acuntil the third round, south unblocked the heart honors and led a club to the king and ace.  East took the remaining spades and switched to the diamond king.  When south ducked, east had only one safe exit, the jack of clubs.  All souths who played this hand in 1NT went down one trick.

     When south works on clubs, suppose he leads the queen on clubs from hi hand.  East has no good play.  If he wins the ace of clubs, the king becomes an entry to the good heart.  Alternately, if east plays the jack of clubs instead, south leads a second club and ducks in dummy.  East must win the ace and run the spade suit.  However, south now had 8 tricks, a spade, four hearts, a diamond and two clubs for +120.

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