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Heidi's 0-299 game is cancelled Monday September 24. Stay tuned for further developments on the 0-499 game with Liz on Tuesday morning.

613-727-4747 rides again. Back to normal and the voice mail is operational ... message away.

Registrations coming in at a steady pace as of September 21.  Odd, um, how this is happening on that date cheeky.

Our location can handle up to 20 tables, no more. For the I/N Sectional (Nov 3/4) we need you to consider pre-registering. The flyer for the tournament is located here. Please proceed to our contact page (see here) and let us know your names and game(s) you will be playing.

Avoid disappointment and pre-register early. Thanks ...


There are two ways we communicate with players and the Ottawa bridge community:

The first way involves our sending out information to our members. Membership is free and one can sign up by clicking here. The code you use is m3mb3r. There is no charge.

The second way uses a more general list and sends information out to the greater bridge community.To join this more general list, please proceed to our contact page located here and let us know. Please mention when you contact us that you wish to receive these emails. If you end up on both lists, you may get two emails about the same thing.

Our suggestion is to join The Bridge Connection (no charge).

The Member section of this site is live. If so inclined, have a look here please. The code you will need is m3mb3r. There is no charge for joinging The Bridge Connection.

Whet your appetite as well as your appetite for bridge with the ever so popular cookies. Remember ... the calories you consume during a sitout do not count.

Come try us out, if not already on board, or, as Bob Barker said for decades "Come on down ..." Considering our many extras, the Price is Right.

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Swiss team game(s) in October

October is the Jane Johnson Club Appreciation month with some gold points available when running a team game. The 0-1000 game on October 12 or 26 (to be decided) will be a Swiss team event.

Once the date is firmed up, the calendar will be changed. Please note the start time the day of that game will be 8:45am rather than 9am. There is no way we could get through a whole game (at least 20 boards) if we were to start at the regular time.

Registration is open. Please send us a list of your team members and one email/phone number using the club contact page available here.


We have put together a page of tips for using this site ... new visitors  are encouraged to check here before starting. Seasoned veterans on using this site are wise to check this same location often.

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

  NAP in Montreal

You can see if you qualified by viewing  this location and searching for your name ...

From: "Unit 192" <>
Date: September 8, 2018 at 12:20:10 PM EDT
To: Colin Brodie <>
Subject: **CORRECTION** Date Change for NAP Finals to Sun, October 14
Reply-To: "American Contract Bridge League Unit 192" <>

American Contract Bridge League
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Bridge hand and bid box

Dear Colin,

North American Pairs D1 Final - date changed to Sunday, October 14, 2018

DATE: Sunday, October 14, 2018 
    Club de bridge Le Mirage
    9001 boul. de l’Acadie
    Montréal, QC  H4N 3H5
    (entrance through rear parking)


North American Pairs (NAP) is one of the ACBL Grassroots events where ordinary players can compete for a North American Championship in their flight.  It’s a great event – and I encourage all serious duplicate partnerships who have qualified to consider going to this District Final.  (See the note below to check if you've qualified.) Here are the details:

  • There are three flights. Players only play others in their flight.
         A  :  Open
         B :   0-2500
         C :   0-500 non Life-Master
  • 2-session event starting at 10:30 a.m., with a lunch break on your own (several nearby restaurants) between sessions. 
  • Cost is $20 per player (in Unit 192) for both sessions.
  • Masterpoints for the event are awarded at a regional tournament level - mix of red and gold points.
  • The top 2 pairs from Flights B & C and the top pair from Flight A may repesent District 1 at the ACBL NAP finals at the Memphis NABC to be held in March 2019. (District and unit subsidies are available for those advancing.)
  • Players must have qualified at club level during games held June - August in order to participate in the district final.


  1. To check that you've qualified, go to the following link. Make sure that the fields are set to District 1, year 2018, and Event NAP:
  2. If you have any other questions, please contact me by replying to this email.

Alison Burkett, Unit 192 NAP Coordinator

Last updated : 9th Sep 2018 10:41 CDT
  Tips on using this site

Be careful about using the Print button displayed on most pages ... the printed output may be radically different than what you are looking at on the screen.

Welcome to our new site. The features of this new location include online results that dig deeper into a game than where the results used to be displayed. Please keep the following in mind as you use this site and become more familiar with it:

  • Results: most pages have a small icon towards the top left of the screen that you can click to print the page that you are looking at. The printed output can sometimes take up many pages on your printer and, in most cases, the format will not be identical to what you are seeing on the site.
  • There are 2 buttons for looking at the Calendar:
    1. Calendar shows a line-by-line list of what is happening this month.
    2. Calendar Month shows a page with the familiar calendar month ouput

If you are on the Calendar Month page and the display is unreadable, click the icon at the top of the display that looks like a table ... box with horizontal lines, and the display will change to something more readble.

  • All pages: this site is more configurable than our previous location, such that, if you have some suggestions about what you see and how it is being displayed, please let us know as we may be able to implement something.
Last updated : 26th Feb 2018 13:50 CST
  bridgewebs training

We have prepared some videos to assist players getting up to speed on using this website. New material is aways being prepared and can be found here:

  1. General into to the site and the pages that may be commonly accessed
  2. A brief intoduction to the Results engine 
  3. How to become a member of The Bridge Connection (no charge)

The videos will play in your web browser. You can pause and restart a video using the spacebar or clicking within the video on the screen (most of the time).

Current as of Feb 21, 2018

Last updated : 26th Feb 2018 13:50 CST
  General updates for players

Tournaments within a 2-hour driving distance
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Other info

The next STaC is from August 13-19. We will be having STaC games that week on Thursday morning/evening, and Friday morning. See here for some details ...

Last updated : 21st Jul 2018 13:44 CDT