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Upgraded snacks and munchies  ... yummy. Whet your appetite as well as your appetite for bridge:

  • Morning games include fruit, some veggies, cheese and crackers
  • All games include the ever-so-popular cookies

Come try us out, if not already on board, or, as Bob Barker said for decades "Come on down ..." Considering our many extras, the Price is Right.

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Release 2.19m
Important news ...
Important news ...

... all the players at The Bridge Connection. As of the beginning of August, we will be operating out of The Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre. The edifice is located at 43 Capital Drive which runs west off Merivale just South of Slack. See here for exact location. The only change to our calendar of games is that Heidi will no longer offer the Play&Learn on Saturdays at 12:30pm. Alta Vista DBC will remain with us and host their game as usual on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm.

Want more info ... have a look at this Q&A document or click here for a quick summary of the new location.

Many thanks to our supporters and especially one of our dedicated colleagues/players for the referral ... watch this location for details as they unfold. There is lots of parking (pun?) as well as up to 3 special spots for people with the appropriate permit. The facility has a ramp and all the activities are on the ground floor.

If you are used to the results display on our previous site and would like to find identical information on this site, check out this document ...

We encourage your continued feedback on this new site using the Contact page available here. Please have a look at some training videos located here.

ACBL sanctioned

All games at The Bridge Connection give ACBL masterpoints. Most club games give black MPs, and STaC (Sectional Tournament aClubs) games give silver MPs. Some special games give red points. Please check in with Colin for further details on this.

The Bridge Connection follows/adheres to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy, details available here. We also appreciate your not wearing any scented product to the club, preserving an environment friendly to all.

Please check-in with Colin, any teachers, or Directors if there is anything you would like to discuss related to the club. We also encourage suggestions from one and all with new ideas, as well as feedback on the games and more.

Deep down, we are all in it for the same reason ... the game is part of our psyche and dear to our smiley. Be it down 3 or bid 7 made 7, it's all about having fun and being pleasant to one and all at the club.

Cost for games

Alta Vista Duplicate Bridge Club games ... contact management of the club and/or see their website at this location.

The Bridge Connection games (and some additional fare) costs ...

  • The standard cost is $8 per person
  • Most games with lunch cost $10 per person
  • STaC weeks have $2 upcharge for ACBL fees
  • Some special games (e.g., Charity or COPC Qualifiers) may have a $1 or $2 upcharge for extra fees paid to ACBL
Our coordinates

We could run but we will not hidelaugh:

24 Gurdwara Rd. (click here)
Ottawa ON  K2E 8B5

Near Hunt Club and Prince of Wales

To email us, click here to go to the contact page ...

Tue 17th July 2018
0-499 supervised pairs with chalk talk
Tue 17th July 2018
Alta Vista DBC stratified pairs
Thu 19th July 2018
0-1000 pairs with chalk talk NAP qualifier
0-299 pairs with Heidi
Director: Heidi Wegman
0-1000 pairs with chalk talk NAP qualifier
0-1000 pairs with chalk talk NAP qualifier