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Monday, April 22 - St. Als's DBC, No Game

Tuesday, April 23 - ♠   ♣ Charity Club Championship ♠   ♣, Brenda directing, 11:00am

Wednesday, April 24 - Open Pairs - The Common Game, Charlie directing, 11:00am

Thursday, April 25♠   ♣ Charity Club Championship ♠   ♣, John directing, 10:00am, free mini-lesson at 9:15am

Friday, April 26 -  IMP Pairs - The Common Game John directing, 11:00am

Saturday, April 27 Open Pairs - The Common Game, TBA directing, 11:00am

Monday, April 29 - Invitational Pairs - The Common Game,  Charlie directing, 10:00am

Tuesday, April 30 - Open Pairs - The Common Game, Brenda directing, 11:00am

Call Charlie Bennett 509 389-9582, Brenda Simpson 509 939-4666, Theresa Barthels 509-979-5402, or John Adams, 509 290-2860 for information or partners

All games are held at the Spokane Bridge Center, 1427 N Argonne Rd, one block south of I 90 on the west side of Argonne, just past Mission. Look for our sign.

Have fun!


Last updated : 22nd Apr 2019 14:13 PDT
Spokane - Invitational, The Common Game
Director: Charlie Bennett
Spokane - Open, The Common Game
Director: Theresa Barthels
Spokane - Open, The Common Game
Director: John Adams
22nd Apr 2019
(Saint Al's)
O'Malley Hall in use
23rd Apr 2019
Charity Club Championship
Spokane Bridge Center 1427 N Argonne 11:00AM
Director: Brenda Simpson
23rd Apr 2019
Moscow - Open
211 W D Street 7:15PM
Director: Pete Pluhta