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Welcome to Sedona Bridge Center
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WEDNESDAY, February 20th

Form your teams and sign up at the club

Bridge Classes by Bill Phillips
The next intermediate bridge class takes place on Tuesday, January 29th, from 10 am to 12 noon. The topic is Third Hand High, But How High? Most bridge players are familiar with the maxim "Second Hand Low, Third Hand High." However, that does not mean that the third person to play to a trick should always play her highest card. We will examine the reasons for playing third hand high, and look at a number of situations where this guideline should be ignored.
The first novice/refresher bridge class of 2019 takes place on Thursday, February 14th, from 10 am to 12 noon. This first class is intended primarily for people who may never have played any bridge of any kind. It starts at the very beginning. 
The cost for each class is $8, with "stay and play pricing." If you play in the afternoon duplicate game the total cost for class + bridge is $12, a saving of $2.
For more information e-mail Bill →, or call him at (928) 266-0865
Alert Stolen Bid Doubles

Many club players use "stolen bid doubles" when partner opens 1NT and RHO interferes. Suppose partner opens 1NT and RHO overcalls 2. Playing stolen bid doubles, responder doubles to transfer the opening 1NT bidder to hearts. According to the April 2018 ACBL Bridge Bulletin, the call of "double" must be alerted by the 1NT bidder. The 1NT bidder does not say "transfer". As with all alerts, no explanation of the alert is given unless the next person to call requests an explanation.

Reminder - No perfumes or scented after-shaves and lotions

In August, 2016, the Sedona Bridge Center Board of Directors voted 7-0 to implement a club policy that prohibits the useage of perfumes or scented after-shaves or lotions when attending our club.

Some people have an extreme sensitivity to fragrances (colognes or perfumes).  Because duplicate bridge requires players to be in close proximity to each other, individuals who suffer from fragrance-related reactions cannot avoid those who are wearing them.  Among the commonly reported symptoms are intense headaches or breathing related problems.  For those individuals, the issue is much more serious than simply disliking a particular smell - it is a real health problem.

We ask our members to understand this issue and to adhere to our new club policy. 

Thank you,

The Board of Directors


SBC Code of Conduct
The Board of Directors recommends that players follow the following procedures to improve the pace of play at our games:

Turn off cell phones

After conclusion of the bidding:
   1.  The opening lead is made
   2.  The dummy is exposed
   3.  Players now enter information into their hand records as well as the Bridge mate

Thank You
How to Fill out your Convention Card
How to Fill out your Convention Card

Many students of the game ask how to fill out the Convention Card.  I was browsing the ACBL website and found a wonderful set of articles, titled "Conventional Wisdom" that describe in detail all the features of the convention card and what they mean.   The articles also give a brief explanation of certain conventions (such as Smollen) that I think is very informational for those who want to expand their knowledge base.

I have uploaded the 24 "Conventional Wisdom" articles to our website for players to use at their pleasure.  Just click on the link "Convention Card - how to fill out" link on the left hand side of our home page,  and the articles are listed in order.  Please note, there is usually one article for each box on the convention card.

I hope this information is helpful.



For PARTNERSHIP ASSISTANCE get in touch with Sonya Webber via e-mail at or by telephone at (928) 300-0820

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