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Bridge School Team
Rob Wilkinson

EBU Qualified Teacher

Tournament Director

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Val Bannister

EBU Qualified Teacher

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Tony Williams

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Larry Doyle
Larry Doyle

EBU Qualified Teacher

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Inclement Weather
Inclement Weather

Please watch out for notices/emails regarding cancellations due to inclement weather.  We suggest you check the website before travelling.


2019 Seminars
Our Planned Seminars

Please check here again for additional Seminars planned for 2019. 

They will be held  on Saturday morning, 10.00 am*** - 1.00 pm in the Garden Room at the Gerrards Cross Memorial Centre and the cost will be £15.00 per person payable on the day. All of our seminars include detailed notes, demonstration hands, exercises and of course, quality refreshments!  Please remember that if you reserve a place on a seminar then we expect you to turn up! Whilst we do send out reminders nearer the date, please ensure you enter the commitment in your diary and let us know immediately if you have to cancel.   ***tea and coffee will be available from 9.30 am.

These seminars are colour coded to show their suitability for players of differing experience. Basic (Green), Intermediate (Blue), Advanced (Red).

Although we will also advertise our seminars nearer the date, we are now taking advance bookings by email to the appropriate tutor:

Rob Wilkinson on rob@bridgeschoolgx.co.uk

Val Bannister on val@bridgeschoolgx.co.uk

Tony Williams on tony@bridgeschoolgx.co.uk






30th March 2019

Losing trick count Intermediate Larry bookings to val@bridgeschoolgx.co.uk

15th June 2019

Roman Key Cards Intermediate Larry bookings to val@bridgeschoolgx.co.uk

Seminar Topics Explained.

Losing Trick Count (LTC)

Hand evaluation based on point count only is all well and good but it can prove unreliable resulting in contracts

being bid at too high a level or a failure to find the right level when a fit has been found.

This seminar will show:

            The limitations of only using point count only evaluating a hand.

            How the LTC will help in more accurately assessing the value of a hand, (when a fit has been found).

            How the LTC will improve your bidding results

            Show when the use of the LTC is inappropriate.


Roman Key Card Blackwood (RKCB)

Many slams depend on one of the pair holding the King of trumps.

With ordinary Blackwood this cannot be determined below the 6-level.

In addition, the presence of the trump Queen can never be determined with ordinary Blackwood.

RKCB will enable the partnership to take better control of the bidding by, on the one hand,

avoiding the risk of bidding too high and going down or on the other, by bidding and making that elusive grand slam.


This seminar will show:

♠ The rules for Blackwood still apply.

♠ What is meant by the ‘key’ cards.

♠ The responses to show partner which ‘key’ cards you hold.

♠ How to ask for the Queen of trumps.

♠ Bidding to make that elusive Grand Slam.