Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Bridge on the Park & Burns Park Bridge

Play duplicate bridge with us.          Ann Arbor Senior Center:    1320 Baldwin Ave,    Ann Arbor      734-794-6250

Debra Eaves 248-935-0909                                                         Stacey Tessler 734-255-1269

Wednesdays: Open game at noon                                              Thursdays: Open game at noon

Barometer Game: Open game 2 Saturdays/mo. 9:30 am                                               


Player of the Month

Congratulations to David Graff who had the most masterpoints in September!

Important Information


Join us 1/2 hour before the game for a group hand discussion and if time permits, a short lecture.




Upcoming events:  Saturaday Oct 20th & 27th will be "open" barometer games.  Please let me know in advance if you're coming as I have to know how many sets of boards to make.  Also, Oct 31st we will run a STAC game and also a Halloween Party with Prizes.  It would be fun if you could wear a costume!  The best costume gets a prize!

Director: Debra Eaves
Director: Debra Eaves
Director: Stacey Tessler
Director: Stacey Tessler
27th October 2018
Barometer Game
9:30 am
Director: Debra Eaves
31st October 2018
BOTP: STAC & Halloween Party
Director: Debra Eaves
Barometer game
Director: Debra Eaves
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Debra Eaves
BOTP: Charity Game
Director: Debra Eaves