Niagara-on-the-Lake Duplicate Bridge Centre
Niagara-on-the-Lake Duplicate Bridge Centre
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Our Goal

Our goal is to have the friendliest game in town!

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Courses and Workshops
  • We have  a workshop for Beginner/Intermediate players on Tuesday, February 13. Check the "Courses" page for details!
Conditions of Contest



FORMAT:  Single Round-Robin, but Double Round-Robin if <7 teams  

MATCHES:   24 board matches played on alternate Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm, starting April 26, 2017. The matches will be scheduled by the League Coordinator.

Play is expected to progress at the rate of 90 minutes for 12 boards. No board will be started later 10.30pm.

We recommend that Team Captains confirm each match with their opponents.

Starting Times may be rescheduled upon mutual agreement by both team captains and approval by the League Coordinator.

The captains will decide the seating arrangements for their team in the first half of a match. During the second half, the team that is behind will have the choice of opponents.

Rescheduling of matches is strongly discouraged, but will be considered in exceptional circumstances with mutual agreement by both Team Captains and approval of the League Co-ordinator. Any rescheduled match must be played before your team’s next scheduled match, or an adjusted VP score will be awarded.  Tuesday and Friday afternoons are the only possible sessions for makeup matches.

There will be a late penalty of 3 IMPs, starting 15 minutes after game time, plus 3 IMPs for each additional 5 minutes. If a team is over 30 minutes late the opposing captain may request a win by forfeit.

Scoring will be by International Match Points (IMPs) converted to Victory Points using the WBF 25 point scale for 24 boards.

TEAMS:        Each team may have up to 6 players and is required to submit their roster before the start of the 3rd match. Each team is expected to play their matches using 4 players from their 6-person roster. The makeup of the team fielded in each match will follow the guidelines of ‘eight is enough’ as follows:-

  1. Each player will be assessed based on the number of master points they have achieved – Life Masters and above will be rated as 3, non-life masters with more than 50 master points will be rated as 2 and players with less than 50 master points will be rated as 1. Non acbl members will be rated by the League Co-ordinator based on their results at sanctioned duplicate games.
  2. The sum of the ratings for each team playing in a match will not exceed 8.



Team members, by entering this event, must be committed to participate throughout the event.  As the event takes place over multiple sessions, they should be aware of scheduled dates & times, and make plans to attend.

A player may only be a member of one team and may not substitute for another team.


SUBSTITUTES: Substitutes (no more than 1 per match ) may be used, in case of emergency. If more than one substitute is necessary, approval from the League Co-ordinator is required.


MASTERPOINT AWARDS: Sectionally Rated – high MP awards

Awards are similar to a Swiss Team event with Overall Awards based on final league standings and Match awards.

The league will be stratified based on average team masterpoints where possible.

Players must play half of their team’s matches to be eligible for overall awards.

Overall awards are awarded to individuals, proportional to the number of matches played

CONVENTIONS: ACBL General Convention Chart


Decision of Director-on-duty stands:   Appeals may be made to Claude Tremblay.



Max Rutherford  647 984 3778