Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
2018 MObridge Membership Renewals

Beginning on November 1, we will be accepting membership renewals for 2018 (renewed memberships will be valid until December 31, 2018).

We will be raising the annual membership cost to $40 this year and expanding our membership benefits:

  • MObridge will be absorbing all ACBL extra fees in 2018 for our members (no more extra charges!!!)
  • As a paid member, you are entitled to elect your Board of Directors and approve any bylaw changes at our Annual General Meeting
  • Members are entitled to reduced game fees of $8 per game or a pre-paid card of 10 games for $75
  • Members are entitled to reduced fees for all Courses and Seminars.

We are hoping to spread the renewal workload over several months to avoid backlogs and congestion in early January.To encourage everyone to do their renewals early, there will be a draw for 2 free games from all those who renew in November and December. 

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