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Important Message

Saturday Team of Four Event starts at 2.00 PM.

DGC 2018 - Information

The Delhi Gymkhana Club India Open Bridge Tournament 2018 for Dhampur Sugar Mills Trophy will be held at Kashmir Lawns, Delhi Gymkhana Club, New Delhi from Friday 16th March 2018 to Sunday 18th March 2018. The tournament will comprise:  

  •  The Team of Four Event.
  •  The Open Pairs Event which will be a match pointed pairs event. 
  •  The IMP Pairs Event.

The qualifying round for Team of Four Event consists of Swiss league of 8 rounds of 10 boards each. 8 teams will qualify for Quarterfinal stage. This will constitute of the Top 7 teams and 8th place will be reserved for Top Gymkhana club team (which is ranked highest in the Swiss league from remaining teams). The quarter final league will be played as Round Robin (each round of 12 boards) among 4 teams each in Group A & B. The Semi finals will be played over 3 sessions of 8 Boards each where as the final will be played over 3 sessions of 10 Boards each. In Team of Four event WBF Continuous VP scale (20-0) shall be used.

The open Pairs event will have two eliminations. The first elimination will be played over two sessions of 18 Boards each. The second elimination will be of 24 boards in one session. The loosing Quarter-finalists can join the Open Pairs Second Elimination and the loosing Semi-finalists can join the Open Pairs Final provided entry for the Pairs has been given earlier.

• Systems

The tournament will follow WBF 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge as amended from time to time. The applicable Supplemental Conditions of Contest will be available here. WBF system policy shall be followed through out the tournament.

The Brown Sticker Conventions are not allowed in the League Stage of Team of Four Event and Open Pairs events. The Pairs employing Brown Sticker Conventions in knock-out stage of team of four event must submit their convention with written defense to CTD immediately at the end of Swiss League stage. Multi 2D is allowed provided a written defense against the convention is provided to the opponents before the start of the round.


The entry fees for various events is as follows:

Events Entry Fee
Team of Four Rs. 6,000/- per team of 4 members and Rs. 1,000/- further for each additional member. For Gymkhana Club T/4 entry fee is Nil provided all players are Gymkhana Club members. Entry fee for T/4 of all ladies or all players below 35 years is Nil.
Open Pairs Rs. 1,200/- per Pair. For Gymkhana Club Pair entry fee is Nil provided both players are Gymkhana Club members.
IMP Pairs Rs. 600/- per Pair. For Gymkhana Club Pair entry fee is Nil provided both players are Gymkhana Club members.
No entry for the Team event will be accepted after the stipulated closing time of 10.00 AM on Friday, 16th March 2018. Entry for Open Pairs to be given latest by 12.30 PM on 17th March 2018. Entry for IMP Pairs to be given latest by 2.00 PM on 18th March 2018.

The total prize value is : Rs 7,72,500/-

Team of Four
Winner Rs. 1,75,000
Runner-up Rs. 1,00,000
Semi-finalists Rs.   50,000 each
Quarter-finalist Rs.   20,000 each
Best Gymkhana Team of Four
First Rs. 20,000
Second Rs. 15,000
Third Rs. 10,000
Open Pairs
First Rs. 70,000
Second Rs. 50,000
Third Rs. 25,000
Fourth Rs. 20,000
Fifth Rs. 15,000
Sixth Rs. 10,000
Best Ladies pair Rs.   5,000
Best Mixed pair Rs.   5,000
Best under 35 pair Rs.   5,000
IMP Pairs
First Rs. 18,000
Second Rs. 8,000
Third Rs. 5,000
Fourth Rs. 3,000
Fifth Rs. 1,500
Special Pairs
First Rs. 5,000
Second Rs. 3,000
Third Rs. 1,000
Best Gymkhana Pairs
First Rs. 10,000
Second Rs.   8,000
Third Rs.   5,000
Important Notes
  1. Gymkhana Club Prizes will be awarded only to those who have not qualified for any Prize in the Open Events.
  2. Ladies Pair/Mixed pair/below 35 years Pairs will be entitled to only one Prize in Open Pairs.
  3. Pairs of teams losing in QFs and SFs will be seeded to the next stage of Open Pairs event, if they have paid their Pairs entry.
  4. Two TOP Non-qualified Gymkhana Pairs from the 2nd elimination of MP Pairs event will be seeded to Pairs Final.
  5. The Sponsor, Dhampur Sugar Mills, has the right to nominate one Pair, either Ladies or Juniors to be seeded to Pairs Final.
  6. Review Fee - Rs 500/-.
  7. The tournament will follow the WBF 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.
  8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the tournament schedule.
  9. Kindly maintain the Dress Code of the Club.
Contact Numbers

For any assistance, please contact following persons:

Person Telephone Number E-mail
Mr Arun Jain +91 9810058074
Mr. Mukesh Shivdasani +91 9811199813
Col Mohit Nasa +91 9899108181
Dr Rajiv Anand +91 9810043844
Air Cmde H S Sasaan (Retd) +91 9810406760
Mr Surinder +91 9968324950