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Snow Closures

The Bridge Center closes with D11 School District.

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Unit 360 Board

Board Meeting, Thursday May 9 at 3:30


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D 17 Scorecard

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Learn to Play

Seeking to sharpen up your game?  We have many great teachers and classes for every skill level.

♠   ♣ 

Free Mini Lessons & Limited Games

 Monday evenings at 5:45,  free mini-lesson, and Game for players with less than 199 ACBL Masterpoints.

♣ You could also try our 99er game (for players with less than 100 ACBL Masterpoints) on Tuesday afternoon.  Free mini-lesson at 11:45 am.  Contact:  John Dukellis, 719-418-2574.



Shirley Scott


 Learn to Play 2/1

Refine your 2/1 Skills

Lessons beging Wednesday, January 9

9:30 - 11:30

$10 per person for each lesson

. Contact Shirley Scott (H) 598.3382  (C) 210.5995 or   

Ann Parker

Ann’s Class Schedule January 2019 (Revised 3/15)


Mar. 25 -- Weak opening bids (I have a 6+ card suit and a 

                       crummy hand)


April 1 – Negative doubles (my partner bid first but the darned

                  opponents are trying to get in the way…)


April 8 – Strong 2 Club opener  (I have an incredible hand

                  and want to make sure we get to game)


April 15 --  Blackwood and Gerber (slam may be possible and 

                    I want to see what my partner has in their hand)


April 22 --  Leads and Signals (we don’t always get the    

                     contract so sometimes we have to defend)


April 29 --  Some defensive bidding techniques (How to bid         

                    2-suited hands when the opponents have opened,             

                    interrupting a 1NT opener, etc)


May 6 – We can add a class at the end if you want to tidy 

                 up some things….


Mondays 9-11, $10 per class, you can come for any class

 Ann Parker


♠   ♣ 

 Contact Ann



John Dukellis

Classes will start the end of March.

♠ Thinking Bridge Private lessons for beginning and intermediate players. Individual, pairs or groups. Taught by ACBL accredited teacher Bob Somppi 719-659-4471,, or


Toshi Yingst


  Toshi Yingst (719-576-5774) specializes in 2/1 bidding and advanced play.